Thursday, August 21, 2014


Like most, we are preparing for back to school.  My oldest will be in third grade and starts tomorrow.  We met his teacher today and I feel positive about the up coming year.  The little one will be in Kindergarten, starting next week! (Ack, where has the time gone?)  She is very excited and we will be meeting her teacher tomorrow.  For the first time in 8+ years I will be left to my own device for most of the day.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about it!  I keep thinking about all the things that I will be able to get clean the house will stay during the day, how much uninterrupted crafting time I will have, how much purging and de-cluttering I will be able to do....and the silence! I'm not sure how I feel about the silence...

Besides both kids being in school this year, we will also be preparing to move next summer.  The Coast Guard has let us stay in Kodiak for the last 7 year and it has been truly wonderful but it's time to move on.  Hopefully someplace closer to family!  This fall we will begin looking at lists of locations open to someone in my husband's position and decide which ones we are interested in.  After that we wait until they decide which they want to send us to. 

With more free time during my day, I hope to finish up all of my WIP's.  Undoubtedly I will start new things along the way but it would be so nice to move with everything finished.  I'm also hoping to spend more time doing some of my other creative pursuits.  I spent several years before having my kids studying Calligraphy but recently haven't spent much practicing because it's just too easy for one of them to run through and knock over the ink bottle or for them to spill something on the final project.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweet As Honey

Have you ever wondered who all those lucky people are that win Hawthorne Thread's newsletter giveaways?  Yeah...I did too...until it was me!  Back in February I won their drawing for fat quarters of Sweet As Honey by Bonnie Christine.  When it came time for them to ship the fabric, they only had the Autumn colorway in stock, so they generously let me pick some yardage to go along with it.  I ended up with half yard cuts in 5 prints.

Once it arrived, I knew almost immediately what I wanted to make!  That's a rare thing around here... unless I'm buying fabric specifically for a project.  I decided to use a pattern I had just gotten called Shiny Bright that was designed by Amanda Woodruff of Westwood Acres Fabric.  The pattern is very well written and went together quickly. 
Hst are trimmed!
Working on my #sweetashoney quilt again.  I think this one is gonna be gifted to my hubby's CO and that I need to get another bundle of this fabric!
 My #sweetashoney blocks are done! Now to cut the sashing... (@acraftyfox_amanda does the pattern look familiar? )
I used one of my machines built in stitches to quilt horizontal rows across the quilt.

The back was pieced together with the half yard cuts I received.  I love the way it shows of the prints!

When I started making the quilt I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  I know there is no such thing as too many quilts, but there are several around here already and several more in the works.  I decided to gift the quilt to an incredible woman I know, who until recently was my husband's commanding officer.  She genuinely cared about her crew and their families.  She went out of her way to make all the kids feel special and even had picture my kids made for her hanging in her stateroom. I felt that it was important to do something to show how much I had appreciated and respected her.

Quilt Stats:
Fabric - Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine, Moda Bella Solids 
Size - 58" x 62" ish
Pieced and Quilted by Me
Started - Feb. 2014
Finished - June 2014

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rain Drops Mini

The second round of the Schnitzle & Boo Mini Quilt Swap is wrapping up.  There were over 600 people participating this round...amazing!  That means 1200 mini quilts are flying around the world, landing in mailboxes and making lots of people smile!  This is a secret swap, so the recipient of the mini I made didn't know I was making it for her until it arrived in her mailbox.   

Alright partner what do you think? I picked all your favorite colors but was thinking about a pop of something else... #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap #makeaquiltmakeafriend 
This is the fabric I pulled from my stash for my partner.  The raindrop print was perfect for tying everything together.  I picked four blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler book, that really worked well to show off the fabrics.
Alright partner...I got the top done, just need to decided on backing and goodies! #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap #makeaquiltmakeafriend

Here's the front and the you can tell the rain drop print was really the focal point.  I made sure when I was cutting that I would always have them going the same direction.

I was just a bit short on the turquoise print I used for the binding but I'm really happy with the way that bit of pink finished it off.
A close up of the quilting... 

I don't FMQ well, so I chose to quilt around  some of the shaped created by the piecing and a few of the rain drops in the Tula print.
I included a couple of extra goodies...including a pouch for sunglasses, a roll of washi tape and a great pad of post it graph paper.

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