Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP - Halloween Costumes Edition

So, I guess it's been a while!

It's not that there hasn't been sewing or creating going on...I'm just lazy about pulling out the good camera. Phone pictures are great for Instagram, I'm just not a fan of using them on the blog because the quality just isn't great.

We did have a lot of visitors after my last post, my hubby's best friend came for a week and then my in-laws were here.  We spent a lot of time showing them around and fishing.

The kids and I have settled into our routines now that they have been in school for a couple of months.

For the last few days I've been working on Halloween costumes. My son has been telling me since last Halloween that he wanted to be Luke Skywalker, however his sister kept changing her mind.  I finally convinced the her to be Twilight Sparkle after finding lavender fleece and flannel in my stash.  I'm pretty sure I picked it up when our Walmart closed out their fabric section a couple of years ago.  A quick Pinterest search for tutorials, a dash to Walmart for some yarn and a brown flat bed sheet and we were in business!  

I used this great tutorial to make my son's Jedi robe!  Although it doesn't look like much on the hanger, it went together quick and I had it done in time for him to wear to his cub scout Halloween bowling party on Sunday evening.  I also tea dyed a long sleeve white shirt to give it dusty, worn look for him to wear underneath.

For the Twilight Sparkle costume I got my inspiration from this tutorial by Jess at Craftiness is not Optional.
I had this in my box of patterns and is working out great to create the costume.  Pinterest came to the rescue again when it was time to make Twilight's horn.  All that's left for this costume is to create Twilight's cutie mark and finish sewing on her horn.

If the weather is good this weekend I hope to get pictures of the kids all dressed up and I'll make sure to post them so you can see how well they turned out. 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Spring Dreams

When my daughter was about a year and half old I saw a quilt In the winter addition of Quilts and More that used a Dream On jellyroll and I loved it.  So I bought the jelly roll, 2.5 yards to use as part of the backing and tore the pattern out of the magazine...that's as far as I got.  Fast forward to 2014 and I still hadn't done anything with it.  Since then all these other great fabrics had come out and I had changed my plan for my daughter's twin sized quilt.  I decided it was time to get this fabric off the shelf! 

So when I say Fat Quarter Shop's newest short cut pattern a couple of weeks ago I pulled out the jelly roll and started cutting...

I think its time to break it open!

By the end of the day it it had transformed...


My #jellyrolljam2 top is done! Seriously my fastest quilt top finish ever! My son says it looks like Spring. #wipwednesday #wip #hobjellyrolljam2
And the next day top was done! I was tempted to fold it up and set it aside so I could work on something else but with my son's encouragement, I got it basted. When I realized that I might be able to have it done quickly, I challenged myself to try getting it all quilted by the time my husband returned home from his week away for work. I manged to get all but about a 6 inches strip done  before he walked through the door.

As I've mentioned before my machine doesn't handle FMQ very well and I don't have much practice. My machine does have dual feed system and so I did wavy lines across the whole thing. 

 Hanging in the sun


My son said this quilt looks like spring, so I'm calling it the Spring Dreams quilt.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Like most, we are preparing for back to school.  My oldest will be in third grade and starts tomorrow.  We met his teacher today and I feel positive about the up coming year.  The little one will be in Kindergarten, starting next week! (Ack, where has the time gone?)  She is very excited and we will be meeting her teacher tomorrow.  For the first time in 8+ years I will be left to my own device for most of the day.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about it!  I keep thinking about all the things that I will be able to get clean the house will stay during the day, how much uninterrupted crafting time I will have, how much purging and de-cluttering I will be able to do....and the silence! I'm not sure how I feel about the silence...

Besides both kids being in school this year, we will also be preparing to move next summer.  The Coast Guard has let us stay in Kodiak for the last 7 year and it has been truly wonderful but it's time to move on.  Hopefully someplace closer to family!  This fall we will begin looking at lists of locations open to someone in my husband's position and decide which ones we are interested in.  After that we wait until they decide which they want to send us to. 

With more free time during my day, I hope to finish up all of my WIP's.  Undoubtedly I will start new things along the way but it would be so nice to move with everything finished.  I'm also hoping to spend more time doing some of my other creative pursuits.  I spent several years before having my kids studying Calligraphy but recently haven't spent much practicing because it's just too easy for one of them to run through and knock over the ink bottle or for them to spill something on the final project.