Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Candy Bar Projects

In 2010, I purchased both of Moda's candy bar sets and then they sat around.  So this past spring I decided that I needed to use them and I just stared sewing.  

 The first project I completed with my City Weekend Square. 

I used the Bliss candy bar to make a table runner.

I pieced the back together from 3 fat quarters.

And quilted it in a boxy zig-zag down the center.

The Clermont Farms candy bars became two dresden plate circles, that measure just over 13 inches in diameter.

I quilted just inside the points and then hand stitched in a very pale blue around the outside of the points.

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  1. I really like all of these projects. I love table toppers of any size/shape. Love the fabrics you choose as well. :)


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