Friday, October 26, 2012

Stars Over Gnoma (A Winterkist Quilt)

I've been sharing peeks of this project on Instagram but for the most part this one had under wraps because I wasn't sure where I was going with it.  This is the first quilt that I have improvised my way through, usually I follow some sort of instructions or pattern.

Back in May, I won the Winterkist Gnomas and some 6 inch squares from Monica (the Happy Zombie herself).
@happy_zombie my Gnomas arrived. #winterkist #funmailday #fabric

I spent a few days enjoying the fantastic-ness of the fabric, before I decided to split the squares down into 3". 
3" squares

Then I cut most of them into triangles and paired them with some Kona Ash that I had in my stash and started chain piecing.
Chain piecing #winterkist
They turned in to wonky stars (which was a first for me).
 I'm seeing stars! #winterkist #fabric 
I was inspired by the lay out of Elizabeth's Sparkle Punch Quilt.  My lay out is not identical.  I liked the way the star in her quilt were touching but I wanted a bit more randomness so I put a few spaces between my stars.
The Gnomas got trimmed down a bit and sew on to after the white Kona had been added to the bottom.  I used some jumbo ric-rac on the seam between the ash and the white to soften up the edge.

At the moment it measures about 35 inches by 48 inches.  I think it is destined to grace the wall of the playroom during the holiday because the colors and Gnoma are so fun.  Finishing it will depend on when I can afford to buy backing fabric (I already spent my fabric allowance for the month).  It's been such a fun project to let my imagination run wild with.  I think there will be some colorful hand quilting or embroidery added too!

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