Saturday, January 12, 2013


Here we are 12 days in to the New Year and I'm finally writing this post.  I hope you all had wonderful holiday celebrations and that you are looking forward to what this year has in store for all of us.  This year didn't start exactly as I had imagined but I'm happier now that I was at this time last year.  I'll admit that I am happy to see 2012 go.  It was a rough year for me, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and stress during the first months.  Some of  it was seasonal and some was due to my husband being a way much longer than originally planned.  Sewing definitely helped me through that time.  I participated in a couple of swaps and it gave me something to look forward too. During my reflections on last year I realized I am much more capable than I thought.  If I could do it over with what I know now I'd probably be much better off.  I have never set resolutions...knowing that most people don't keep them made it seem silly.  I have decided to set some goals for myself though...

Sewing Room Goals for 2013:
Make twin sized quilts for both kids ~ I've got all the fabric for both tops
Finish WIP's ~ I've got several tops that are ready for backing, quilting and binding.
Sew more clothes ~  I'd love to have some things that are different than what everyone else can get.
Use stash fabric before buying more ~ I have been cleaning and organizing my sewing room since I switched spaces with my kids.  There's a lot more here than I thought.
Become more confident when sewing with my Serger ~ I bought it with birthday money last June and it's been sitting since then waiting patiently for me.

Trying to get the hang of this!
I figured out my tension issues!
I'm using my Kona Charm Swap squares!

Personal Goals for 2013:
Read ~ I've had the same stack of books next to my bed for over a year.
Exercise and lose 10 lbs ~ I'm officially pre-baby weight already but I'd love to be where I was at when my husband and I started dating almost 14 years ago.
Do more camping/fishing/hiking ~ Now that Miss A is so fiercely independent (and almost 4) these are all so much easier.
Practice Calligraphy ~ I took classes for several year but while my children were smaller open bottles of black ink just wasn't a good idea.

If you follow me on Instagram...I haven't been there in a couple of days.  The Ipod I had been using decided to quit working.  I'll have to use my real camera for a while and will post on my Flickr account or here on the blog. 

First of many fabric buckets! Thanks @filminthefridge for the tut!
I've got several more cut and waiting. 

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