Friday, March 28, 2014

Overwhelmed with Clutter

I have a tendency to be a bit scatter brained and disorganized when it comes to my craft/sewing room. It also happens to be the dumping ground for anything and everything that doesn't have another place in the house. But this past week the chaos got so bad that I just couldn't do take it anymore.  Here is a collage of pictures that I shared on Instagram while I vented about how I was feeling. (Thanks to the lovely people who understood and encouraged me with comments on that picture.)  Even these pictures make me feel a bit crazy. 

This room is the first thing you see when you walk into our house.  Those big window look out in the the front yard which makes this a great space for light and for keeping an eye on the kids when they are out side.  But it's not a mess I want everyone seeing when they come in my house. The room only has storage under the window seat (that is buried in the bottom left picture).  I think a major part of the problems in this room center around the lack of storage/open storage issue. Because we live on an island with limited options I can't easily go out and purchase what I'd really like and I have to be aware of the weight restrictions placed on us by the military for when me move again.

I've had several different crafting passions over the years, so there are lots of things left over from those pursuits.  So I am getting really honest with myself about what to keep and what needs to go.  I've already got a pile of things to be donated and a pile of things I want to sell!  

I also hope that by doing this that I can get back in the habit of sharing more details about what I'm working on and start working on some projects that don't include fabric.

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  1. I totally understand how you feel. My craft room is the first room seen when entering our house. It was filled with scrapbooking and card making supplies before I turned to quilting. I'm so used to seeing the mess, that I don't really 'see' it. I try to imagine what someone thinks when they first enter our house. I'm surprised they don't turn and run screaming. Good luck with your cleaning. Can you come to my house next/


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