Friday, August 29, 2014

Spring Dreams

When my daughter was about a year and half old I saw a quilt In the winter addition of Quilts and More that used a Dream On jellyroll and I loved it.  So I bought the jelly roll, 2.5 yards to use as part of the backing and tore the pattern out of the magazine...that's as far as I got.  Fast forward to 2014 and I still hadn't done anything with it.  Since then all these other great fabrics had come out and I had changed my plan for my daughter's twin sized quilt.  I decided it was time to get this fabric off the shelf! 

So when I say Fat Quarter Shop's newest short cut pattern a couple of weeks ago I pulled out the jelly roll and started cutting...

I think its time to break it open!

By the end of the day it it had transformed...


My #jellyrolljam2 top is done! Seriously my fastest quilt top finish ever! My son says it looks like Spring. #wipwednesday #wip #hobjellyrolljam2
And the next day top was done! I was tempted to fold it up and set it aside so I could work on something else but with my son's encouragement, I got it basted. When I realized that I might be able to have it done quickly, I challenged myself to try getting it all quilted by the time my husband returned home from his week away for work. I manged to get all but about a 6 inches strip done  before he walked through the door.

As I've mentioned before my machine doesn't handle FMQ very well and I don't have much practice. My machine does have dual feed system and so I did wavy lines across the whole thing. 

 Hanging in the sun


My son said this quilt looks like spring, so I'm calling it the Spring Dreams quilt.

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