Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP #2

My husband's home away from home is a Coast Guard cutter.  I think he's actually spent more time there this year than he has at home.  So I've started a quilt for him.  I'm not sure what his reaction will be.  I mean I'm sure he'll love it but he's a guy.  How excited do they really get about these kind of things.

I had an idea shortly after we moved in to our house to create a banner out of signal flags that spelled out our last name.  I designed the block and I even ordered the fabric but it never went any further.  (The story of my life...lots of fabric, not much progress.)  I pulled everything out not long ago with the intention to finally finish that project.  The idea morphed in to a quilt when I saw them all stuck to the navy blue Delta airlines blanket I used as my design wall.

Gotta hide the beginnings of my Signal Flag quilt in case the hubby actually actually returns today.

A friend's husband measure one of the racks in their stateroom for me and I began plotting the lay out.  At first it was going to be pretty simple with the blocks running the length of the quilt.  But after seeing the Mariner's Compass blocks in this BQF quilt I knew I needed to add one, but it meant ordering more fabric.

Kona in the mail today!  I can work on the
 hubby's quilt again.

The fabric arrived yesterday and the hubby has duty today!  Hopefully I can figure out exactly which Mariner's Compass block to make (there are so many variations) and get it pieced tonight and hidden away before he gets home tomorrow.

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