Monday, October 1, 2012


I have never done anything with scraps before...mostly because I don't actually have that many.  In my sewing I'm pretty careful with my cutting so I don't often create a lot of scraps.  On Saturday I wanted to sew but didn't really know what I wanted to make so I pulled out these batik scraps.  Some of these  were left over from my Simple Sampler quilt top and some came from Cindy at Live A Colorful Life last summer.

Randomly sewn together batik scraps. @liveacolorfullife some of there were yours.

So I just started chain piecing as I dug through the pile.  I ended up with 5 blocks of different sizes.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to join them together or sash them first.  Maybe they could be part of the backing for my Simple Sampler Quilt?


  1. Very pretty! They would also make really cute little zipper pouches!

  2. hey, those batiks really shine! love the random sewing just to sew kind of stuff. have fun going forward!


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