Thursday, October 11, 2012

Really Random Thursday

Darth Tater is guarding my fabric stash.  #mrpotatoeheadisreadyforhalloween
My kids have had Darth Tater for a while but don't play with him.  I thought he'd be good a defending my fabric.

Making apple sauce to go with dinner!
I made a small batch of applesauce this past week to go with dinner.  And now I want more!

You haven't seen fog until you have lived in Kodiak. #foggedin #noplanesgettingintoday #kodiak #fog

The fog has been very thick around Kodiak for the last several days, in fact today was the first morning I didn't feel like I was living in a cloud.  The fog was so bad that planes haven't gotten in for several days.  I'm hoping that stays away for a few days so that some fabric I'm expecting  and my husband's birthday present will arrive.

Yesterday my daughter and I went on a field with her brother to the local fire station as part of fire prevention week.  He's such a great brother and held her hand the entire time.

I'm linking up at Live A Colorful Life for Cindy's Really Random Thursday post.


  1. Everyone should have a Darth Tater guarding their stash!!

  2. I want a Darth Tater too! I have M&M guys and they aren't intimidating at all.

  3. haha, Darth Tater is great! Hope your packages arrive soon. that is such a sweet photo of your kids holding hands :)

  4. I LOVE Darth Tater! I MUST find him! I saw your foggy picture on Instagram. Wow. Actually I would LOVE a foggy day...


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