Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Pair of Quilts

In my house live a pair of quilts, to me they are as inseparable as my children.  They were made by my mother as gifts for my children upon their birth.  She started the tradition way back in 1989 when my oldest cousin was born.  My cousin proceeded to name it a "keekee", so that's what we have called all of the ones that have been made since.

My son is the first grandchild and this is what she created for him!


The details are quite amazing, in this one she put our dogs name on the collar and the 30 on the boy's shirt is in reference to the day that my husband and I married.

She quilted it all herself and even stitched in some animals...this one is a turtle!

She made this beauty for my daughter, who was born last summer.

She had us trace our hand and then appliqued them on.  She chose fabric that represented each of us. The small hand in this picture belongs to my son, mine has the fireworks and my husband's is the one with the fish.

And again she included our dog!

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