Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been along week.  Here's a look at all my blocks together.

I had to completely take apart and re-size a could of blocks, because when I started to trim them all up they were smaller than all the rest.  I got the sashing sewn on bottom and right sides, then began laying them out but after staring at them for a while (and having the hubby look at it), I think we decided that the light colored sashing isn't right for these blocks.  I kinda think they looked a bit washed out, so I have to find something else, I'm thinking charcoal gray.  Neither of the local quilt shops have much as far as solids go, so it looks like I'll be searching the internet, which kinds stinks because I won't be getting this done this week for awhile.

(Funny how a picture makes things look totally different than we actually see them?)

 Anyone know who's got the best selections of solids online?


  1. I love your blocks ...the fabrics are sooo pretty!!!

  2. Wow wonderful. I love the colors. You did a great job.

  3. It still looks pretty nice to me. I think the light sashing lets the colors shine. Those rich colors were a really nice choice for this project.

  4. I love your blocks! But I see what you are saying about the light sashing....maybe a soft gray.
    Here's a couple of shopping options - email me if you need more :) Oh and I have color cards too!

  5. Love your multi-colored corner blocks. Try - do a search for "solid". It's a great place to find the best prices on something specific.

  6. Thanks for the shop suggestions! I'm going to look today!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Eye candy!



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