Monday, April 23, 2012

Clothes for the Kids

I have done a lot of sewing in the past month but I have done a terrible job sharing all my projects.  Several of the most recent projects have been for my kids.  My daughter is almost 3 and wants to do everything her big brother does all while wearing a dress.  So I made her a dress and a skirt that can easier be worn with her rain boot while she jumps in puddle.  The first one was made for a pair of jeans that I cut off just below the pockets, after that I just cut two strips of fabric the full width of the fabric and gathered them to fit around the jeans.

This jumper is made from a denim fabric that has flowers embroidered on it.  Super simple and made it in about an hour.

This circle skirt was her Easter outfit and is reversible.

*Edit: I used this tutorial to make the skirt.*

As you can see she has a lot of fun with it.


It can be challenging to come up with projects for a 6 year old boy but I appliqued the letters on to this shirt for him to wear on St. Patrick's day.


  1. Love the circle skirt! I must make one for my busy 3 year old. :)

    1. I'll see if I can find the like to the instructions I used. They made figuring out the waist circle so much easier!


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