Monday, October 15, 2012

Local Quilt Show

Kodiak Bear Paw Quilt Guild put on their annual quilt show a couple weekends ago.  This was the first year of living here that I was able to go!  There are some seriously talented quilters in Kodiak.  I don't have details for most of these because I forgot to take pictures of their tags.

These quilts were part of a color study and I love the way the different color change the way the block appear.
Someday I hope I can quilt swirls like this but I need a lot more practice.

Love this pumpkin!

The quilting was beautiful on this one, they used a variegated thread. Here is a close up.

These butterflies were so fun!
I love star quilts and the quilting showed up beautifully on the back.

Another great example of variegated thread

I think I want to try a quilt that just has two colors.  This one is beautiful.

I kept coming back to this one.  It was absolutely incredible.

This one was called 50 Shades of Star.  It's made from 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars by Carol Doak.
One of the LQS's did an Amazon Star class last winter.  It's amazing how different fabric choices totally change the look of the quilt.

The part I loved the most about this was that they used blue thread for the quilting. 

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