Thursday, August 29, 2013

Really Random Thursday: Summer Wrap Up Edition




Is this thing on?

Whew...I guess it's been a while!
Summer has official ended here in Kodiak. School started last week and we have a 2nd grader in our house.
He was apprehensive about school starting again, but after seeing his class room and meeting his teacher, excitement set in and he was ready to go back!

We've had a pretty busy summer.  It started with a 2 week camping trip to interior Alaska.  My parents drove up from Oregon and met us in Fairbanks.

We even stopped in North Pole, Alaska for a visit with Santa.

After getting home the hubby left on a work trip and the kids and I enjoyed some very nice summer weather. Kodiak's weather is usually pretty mild but we had about 3 weeks of temperatures in the 70's! That meant trips to the beach, climbing rock, running through sprinklers...

Not a lot of sewing happened this summer.  All though I did finish a couple of dresses for the girl and one for myself.  I'm hoping to write a post soon about them.


  1. Sounds like a pretty nice summer. We're cruising to Alaska in a couple of weeks. I already know that I"ll just love it and want to come back to see more of the state! Your mountain picture is beautiful.

  2. Is it cool in Kodiak already? I long for cooler weather. Since it's supposed to 100 degrees of days on end here...Love that last picture!


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