Friday, April 11, 2014

Out of Chaos comes....


Two weeks ago I wrote about the chaotic mess that I call my sewing room.  I can't say it has gotten too much better, but it's a process...right?

I did come to a some conclusions as I have been working through the room...

1. Some of the problem lies in that I have had lots of hobbies over the years.  Some have stuck, some haven't and it's time to let go.  (The kids got some of it and I'm trying to sell some locally.)

2. This room can not be a dumping ground!  Things either need to find a permanent home or be gotten rid of! (I took a huge box to the local thrift shop.)

3. I have lots of projects that have been started but not finished and even more that I want to start. (I have already started working through some of the simpler projects and I am altering my expectations of others.)

4. Because this room also serves as the office, there is a lot of paper clutter! (I have spent quite a bit time in the last week scanning, filing, shredding, and recycling.) 

And just to end this post with something are two recent finishes! 

Honey Blouse pattern by Make It Perfect
A starter block for my traveling quilt.

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